A taco party consists of a delicious combination of Mexico's most popular tacos prepared with Chef Mia's coveted family recipes. The Taco Party can be served for Lunch or Dinner and is great to eat on arrival from the airport. This special menu is served buffet style and Chef Mia offers one round of complimentary margaritas or mojitos with this service. Your Taco Party is accompanied with Guacamole Chips and salsas, taco fixings like chopped onions, cilantro, Panela fresh cheese, sour cream, as well as freshly made Corn and Flour Tortillas.Also includes choose of Tortilla Soup or Green Mix Salad and chose of one desert for your group. Choose 4(four) main dish options from the list below: Al Pastor Style - Chef Mia's marinated pork meat with achote red seasoning and pineapple, roasted to perfection. Carne Asada - Delicious marinated diced grilled flank steak seasoned with special herbs and spices. Chicken Fajitas - Grilled chicken Brest, marinated in Chef Mia's family recipe Vegetarian Fajitas - A delicious combination of vegetables spiced with Chef Mia's famous secret seasonings including eggplant, zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, white onion and poblano peper. Cochinita Pibil - Originally from the southeast of Mexico, pibil is tender pork meat baked using a pre-Hispanic recipe, marinated in achote red seasoning and wrapped in banana leaves, then cooked to perfection over very low heat. Taco Bell - Ground beef hard shell tacos, served Texmex style. This is a presentation of what Mexicans call a Fiesta or “party”. You can expect your home or villa to be transformed with typical Mexican decorations including Piñatas, Mexican hats, mustaches, Poncho Shawls, Mexican blanket table covers and assorted Mexican candies. Mariachi band entertainment is optional for an additional cost. Chef Mia offers two rounds of complimentary margaritas or mojitos with this dinner service. The Mexican Fiesta can be served for Lunch or Dinner and is great for celebrating special occasions. Your meal is served buffet style, and is accompanied with Mexican rice, refried bean, Guacamole Chips and salsas, Corn and Flour Tortillas. Choose (4) four main dish options from the list below, and don't forget dessert! - Chiles Rellenos - Enchiladas (red or green) - Chicken Fajitas - Beef Fajitas - Fish Fajitas - Cheese Quesadillas - Empanadas - Potato Tacos Soup or Salad: Your choice of tortilla soup OR green salad (Choose one for your group; if you would like both soup and salad, please add $5 per person) Dessert: Churros with Caramel Sauce are included in the Mexican Fiesta, please choose one additional dessert for your group